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An award-winning international keynote speaker, Michael delivers high-energy workshops and interactive presentations designed to help businesses and leaders build future-focused organizations and connect with a new generation of consumer. He has guest lectured at such renowned universities as MIT and Columbia and collaborated with some of the world’s most influential brands, including Kraft, Visa, Disney, L’Oreal, and American Express.


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Millennial and Generational Keynotes

Winning Millennials: How to Activate and Engage a New Kind of Consumer

With over 80 million members, the Millennial Generation is the largest in human history. Spending nearly $600 billion annually and poised to inherit $30 trillion in the next 2 decades, this savvy and skeptical demographic represents a radically different kind of customer—one who demands hyper connection and radical authenticity. In this keynote, Michael reveals how to develop, create, and market products that deeply resonate with an empowered consumer and shares what every organization can do to activate and engage this powerful generation.


Deconstructing the Millennial Workforce: How to Gain, Train, and Retain the Best Young Talent

As technology and globalization continue to fuel mass disruption, a new kind of worker has emerged. In 2017, Millennials—those born between 1981-1996—already make up the majority of the workforce, and by 2025 that number will rise to 75%. From hiring and training to growth and development, this new breed of employee has created a challenge for companies across every industry. But where there’s challenge there’s also opportunity. In this presentation, Michael reveals the most effective ways to gain, train, and retain the very best young talent.


The EmpowerMentor: How a New Generation of Leader is Changing the Way We Work

At this very moment, organizations across every industry are undergoing a workplace revolution. As Baby Boomers retire and Millennials and Centennials take the helm, a new breed of leader is arising: the EmpowerMentor. Fueled by mission and motivated by high-touch, immersive experiences, this emerging ruling class is creating an array of unique challenges and changing the way companies evolve. In this keynote, Michael Parrish DuDell reveals the eight principles of EmpowerMentor leadership and shares the most effective methods for building, growing, and enhancing future-focused businesses.

nan1 copy3“Michael is just the kind of speaker you want at your event. Smart, insightful and entertaining, he truly knows how to captivate an audience and make a lasting impression. It is clear why the audience of senior-level executives chose him as Best Speaker of our national marketing conference.”
-Nan McCann
PME Enterprises
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Future of Work Keynotes

Swim Like a Shark: Strategies for Success from America’s Favorite Business Reality Show

Each week, millions of people tune into Shark Tank and watch as world-class investors share their wisdom, knowledge, and cash. But how exactly did the Sharks become Sharks? And what tools, tactics, and techniques have the show’s most celebrated entrepreneurs used to achieve record-breaking success? As the bestselling author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business, the official business book from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Michael goes behind the scenes to reveal how companies can tap into these powerful principles and take their business to the next level.


Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship: How to Build, Lead, and Grow Hyper Empowered Teams of the Future

In the past decade, the entrepreneur has become a championed member of society. A beacon of creativity, tenacity, and vision, the role of the founder has never been more idolized, especially amongst emerging leaders. But you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial. In this presentation, Michael shares the tools, tactics, and techniques used by some of the world’s most celebrated innovators and reveals how employees at every level can apply them inside of an organization. Fusing real-time data with legacy case studies, Michael explores the five critical areas of impact and provides actionable strategies to accelerate growth and amplify impact.


Once Upon a Brand: Mastering Storytelling for Power, Profit, and Purpose

As markets become more saturated and consumers are faced with an increasing number of choices, effective storytelling has fast become one of the most potent tools for building loyal tribes of dedicated brand champions. But in an age of escalating noise, competing platforms, and shortened attention spans, how can organizations create and share stories in a way that is deeply relevant, sincerely authentic, and genuinely lasting? In this presentation, Michael shares how companies of every size can increase their impact and amplify their influence by reimagining how and why they tell stories.

“The great thing about Michael is that he really is a master communicator. Whether he’s presenting to  students, startups, or large global organizations, Michael knows how to deliver his message in a thoughtful, relevant, and compelling way.”
-Scott Pollack
VP, Business Development
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