Work with Me - Michael Parrish DuDell | Millennial Expert | Keynote Speaker | Small Business Author
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Work with Michael


From building a publishing company with Seth Godin to working with brands like GE, Citrix, and American Express on groundbreaking products and breakthrough campaigns, Michael has collaborated with some of the world’s most innovative brands and influential thought leaders.


Michael offers a wide-range of packages designed to help businesses and leaders build future-focused organizations and connect with a new generation of consumer. While every engagement is tailored to meet the specific need of each client, below is a high-level overview of the most common offerings.

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Consulting and Coaching

mary1“Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He provided us with a fresh and unique perspective and helped take our product to the next level. He’s one of those vibrant people who have the ability to bring energy and passion to a room and inspire those around him. I’d work with him again in second.”
-Mary Hines Droesch
Head of Citi ThankYou Rewards, Citibank



manish1 copy copy“Michael understands how to connect brands to their audience like no one I have met before. He goes beyond strategy, focusing on fine-grained organizational details. He was a fantastic partner.”
-Manish Vora
CEO, Lightbox



katrina1 copy“Michael has the ability to build momentum around a project. He fostered great collaboration around the re-launch of and was critical in helping us find a voice to connect big business with a younger audience. Most importantly, he brings a bright spirit and quick problem solving to the table.
-Katrina Craigwell
Head of Global Digital Programming, GE



shane1 copy“Michael is a rare combination of discerning, charismatic, and kind. There’s deep expertise and compassion behind all the baby-faced charm. I can’t say enough awesome things to do him justice.
-Shane Snow
Co-founder and CCO, Contently


Product Development, Creation, and Marketing- From funded startups to Fortune 100 global brands, Michael collaborates with companies to develop, create, and market deeply engaging products and services that authentically resonate with a Millennial audience.

Workplace Culture, Employee Retention, and Hiring- Working in tandem with internal teams, Michael provides strategic solutions to attract and retain Millennial talent by boosting workplace culture, improving employee retention, and refining the hiring process.



Partnerships and Campaigns- In an age where brands are publishers and story reins supreme, Michael partners with organizations to create and enhance their content marketing efforts by providing customized services designed to increase both market and mind share.



Strategy and Ideation- As technology evolves and consumer demand shifts, the value of building an influential and persuasive brand has only increased. Michael works with businesses to amplify their brand identity and presence by fusing legacy principles with cutting-edge practices.



One-on-One Training- Countless studies show that Millennials experience expedited growth and elevated learning when trained by a peer. Michael coaches high-performing, results-driven managers and executives to become more effective, purposeful leaders.

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